District, zone and other conferences, as well as festivals are a great opportunity to inform members of the Rotary family and the community about the welcoming and inclusive environment created in Rotary.

When deciding what your stall will look like you should first consider the audience. If the stall is at a Rotary conference, with members from the Rotary family in attendance, consider including:

Director Monica Mulholland (she/her) as written this wonderful reflectionfrom her district conference stall.

If the stall is at a public event like a festival many of the above resources won’t be suitable because they are aimed at an internal audience. In this case you should draw on many of the resources in the brand centre on myRotary along with some of the more generic resources that promote Rotary as an inclusive place, including:

If there’s something you need and it’s not here, please get in contact and we can see if we can make it!

Here’s some examples of stalls at conferences and festivals:

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