The Rotary LGBT Fellowship is promoting a service project leading up to the 2021 Rotary International Virtual Convention (June 12 – June 16, 2021).

We are asking for the family of Rotary to sponsor a Food Drive to support either a local LGBT+ food pantry in your area with either money, food items (non-perishable) or both.  If a LGBT+ food pantry is not available, then, support for a LGBT+ friendly food pantry would work also.

We ask that you respond back to our Fellowship so we can track the results.

Here are some suggestions to help you build the perfect project!

  1. Talk with local LGBT+ organizations to see if they have a food pantry – and what they would want – money or food items (and what type) or both. Again, if there isn’t a local LGBT+ food pantry, go for a regular food pantry that is LGBT friendly (it’s ok to ask them but remember many religious organisations, like the Salvation Army, will not be visited by LGBT+ people even if they are LGBT+ friendly). The drive will go from May 1st through June 11th, 2021.
  2. Ask your club to sponsor the drive, as well as other clubs you know. You could also reach out to your district leadership to see how else this could be promoted in your district or through other clubs. The more involved the more that can be raised! Download our project service marketing cards to share with your local Rotary family. As soon as you start your drive, please let us know.
  3. Some ways to collect food items/money:  Get your fellow Rotarians to bring items to your meetings over a few weeks. Pass the “hat” to collect money if cash is preferable. It is best that any money donated be passed through your club.
  4. Make sure that the items are non-perishable – canned goods, dry items, etc. Have the Food Pantry tell you what they need.  
  5. Don’t have time to collect food items?  Can’t get your club to support your cause? Or want to find another way to support the organization? Consider posting on social media to raise money for the organization. Make sure that they are listed as an organization that funds can be donated too. Be sure to set a reasonable goal. Consider donating yourself to get the donations started and set the bar for your friends. 
  6. Be sure to track what you collect so you can turn the results into the Fellowship. Please track in US Dollars, so we can get a good estimate. Try to be as accurate as possible. We will report how much we’ve collected during the Virtual Convention. Those clubs that report back will receive a certificate from us.
  7. Pay attention to timetable and deadline to report your outcomes through to the Fellowship. We will not spam your club or the NGO with unsolicited emails. This is just for future Rotary LGBT+ Fellowship projects partnerships.
  8. Please consider attaching pictures when you let us know how you went and consider using the People of Action campaign guidelines

By joining the LGBT+ Fellowship’s 2021 Virtual Convention Service Project your club will be able to support vulnerable communities around the world.