I believe that Rotary is a reflection of society, so it is difficult to dream of a very diverse Rotary in Brazil, since our country is in 1st place in the world ranking of LGBTphobic attacks.

For the last 2 years, more and more Brazilian Interacts and Rotaracts have been involved in bringing knowledge, lectures and projects focused on helping the LGBT community. When we talk about Trans people in Rotary in our country, we see young trans speaking about their experience and raising the debate about our experiences into the clubs.

The expectation of a black trans Brazilian woman is 35 years old, while white cis people reach the average of 75 years.

88% of trans men have already thought or tried to commit suicide.

It is for these people that we need to fight and also open up opportunities. As Rotary, we are a tool for this, we need to develop those people who often cannot develop socially, either out of prejudice or discrimination